Students join secret societies to gain recognition, say cops

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KUALA LUMPUR: School students involved in secret societies are mainly driven by the desire to be highly regarded and feared by their peers, according to police.

Bukit Aman Anti-Vice, Gambling and Secret Societies Division (D7) principal assistant director Rohaimi Md Isa said secret society activities among schoolchildren usually involved those students who often skipped school and indulged in bullying.

“They will later commit violent crimes and get involved in extortion, blackmailing and fights. Some even demand money from their classmates.

“Most of the students involved in secret societies have little education, lack religious education and have family problems.

“These students are merely ordinary members and not given any specific tasks,” he said, adding that students’ involvement in these gangs is under control.

Rohaimi said 46 school students, believed to be members of secret societies, were detained last year for being involved in violent crimes.

“Gangsterism activities are still under control and not at a worrying stage,” he said.

Among the secret societies that school students joined are Gang 08, Gang 550, Gang 36 and Ang Soon Thong, said Rohaimi.