Let PSC vet key govt appointments, says Sarawak DAP

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen (centre) says the state should also set up a select committee in the legislative assembly if it is sincere about transparency.

KUCHING: Following the controversy over the way new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief Latheefa Koya was appointed, Sarawak DAP has proposed that selections of key government positions in future should go through the Parliament Select Committee.

Its chairman Chong Chieng Jen said the present PSC was still new and therefore, Latheefa’s appointment process could be “overlooked”.

“We admit that it’s not right and should not be repeated. It takes time for a system to be put in place,” Chong said at a press conference here today.

He suggested that the Attorney-General’s Chambers or the federal Cabinet propose the the tabling of a provision requiring appointments to major positions to go through the PSC.

Earlier, Chong criticised Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) leaders for criticising Latheefa’s appointment.

He said GPS leaders should not criticise the federal government but instead, they should emulate them to ensure more transparency.

“They are looking at the specks in the eyes of the Pakatan Harapan government but they’re blinded by the logs in their own eyes,” he said.

“All these years in government, have they formed a select committee to oversee the appointment of important positions in state government agencies?”

“If they see this process as important, then they should emulate it. Set up a select committee in the state assembly for appointments to Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, Land Custody and Development Authority, Sarawak Planning Authority and other state government agencies.”

Following the appointment of Latheefa as MACC chief for two years effective June 1, several GPS leaders had said it was politically motivated and described it as another “U-turn” by the PH government.

Chong said that although certain procedures had not been followed, Latheefa had a proven track record in fighting for a fairer system and cleaner governance.

“We have been waiting for a year, so far MACC has not been focusing its attention on Sarawak.

“We hope MACC would initiate investigations into some politicians who have assets beyond their income as ministers and assistant ministers,” he said.