Azmin not attending tonight’s PKR meet, says Anwar

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

PETALING JAYA: PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, who has denied allegations of homosexual acts, will not be attending the party’s political bureau meeting tonight.

Confirming this with reporters before the start of the meeting, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said he had a lengthy phone conversation with the economic affairs minister on this today.

However, he declined to elaborate on what was discussed.

“I will inform the party leaders first.

“I’ve spoken to the leaders individually on the matter. I don’t think the meeting will take long.”

It was earlier reported that the party’s powerful political bureau was expected to discuss the allegations against Azmin.

This came after Muhammad Haziq Aziz, an aide to a deputy minister, admitted to being the person in a video depicting homosexual acts between two men.

He had also named Azmin as the person he was with.

Haziq said the video, which he claimed was recorded without his permission, was taken on May 11 at Hotel Four Points in Sandakan, during the recent by-election there.

Azmin has denied the allegations, saying it was a nefarious plot to assassinate his reputation and character and an attempt to destroy his political career.

The Gombak MP said he has since instructed his lawyers to take legal action against those who made the “abominable allegations” as well as against other perpetrators.