MACC chief to stay out of probe into PKR-linked minister

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has pledged to investigate a report lodged yesterday by Umno’s Lokman Noor Adam, alleging some RM3 million from an engineering firm was deposited into the bank account belonging to a senior minister who is also a PKR leader.

MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya said her deputy was tasked with handling the case, adding that she would not be involved “whether in the investigations or in the decision-making”.

“MACC will investigate every report professionally without siding with anyone,” she said in a statement.

Yesterday, Lokman said the case would provide an “opportunity” for Latheefa to show she does not practise favouritism in investigating complaints against anyone.

Lokman also claimed that he had the minister’s account number.

Screenshots of the alleged transaction have been making the rounds on social media, showing US$741,440 (about RM3.1 million) transferred into a bank account on Dec 19, 2017.

The pictures were distributed alongside video clips showing two men having homosexual intercourse, in what appeared to be a hotel room.

Latheefa, who was with PKR for two decades, was appointed as the MACC chief last month, drawing mixed reactions from politicians and activists, many of whom questioned Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad for bypassing a select committee formed by the government to look into major government appointments.