Sarawak DAP wants to claim ‘ownership’ over Voon, claims PBK

PBK Central Committee members Richard Chiong (centre), Ting Men Choon (left) and Su Wei Leong at the press conference.

KUCHING: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) has accused Sarawak DAP of wanting to claim “ownership” over Voon Lee Shan, who was chosen as the party president on Saturday for a three-year term.

PBK Central Committee member Richard Chiong said a lot of DAP members had left the party “quietly” but the Sarawak DAP had chosen to remain silent over it but was making a big fuss over Voon.

“Another prominent member, Dominique Ng, also is no longer a DAP member. Did he tender his resignation letter?

“Voon should be given the freedom to move forward and associate with whoever he wants,” he said at a press conference here today.

“Under the third clause of DAP’s constitution, any member of the party shall, on becoming a member of any other political party or organisation, ancillary or subsidiary thereto, ceases forthwith to be a member of the party.”

Chiong also questioned the Sarawak DAP about its understanding of its own party’s regulations before they issued any press statement.

“This will only create doubts among the people on the party’s credibility.”

Chiong said many Sarawakians had requested Voon to return to the political arena through PBK as they had realised that DAP could no longer fulfil the people’s aspirations.

Yesterday, Sarawak DAP had denied that it had sacked Voon.

Its organising secretary, Violet Yong, said Voon was not sacked but had not been nominated as a candidate for the 2011 state election.

Yong said they would issue a show cause letter to Voon, requesting an explanation for his actions and his election as PBK president.

“If he fails to explain or if we find out that his explanation is unacceptable, then his membership will be terminated,” she said.