Why did he give up political ambitions, wonders Haziq’s ex-colleague

Muhammad Haziq Aziz (third from right) with former federal minister Nancy Shukri (fifth from left) and other staff from her office in this picture taken just before GE14.

PETALING JAYA: A fellow former intern to a minister from the previous government is at a loss of words over the damning revelation by her former colleague, Muhammad Haziq Aziz, that he was engaged in homosexual acts with a federal minister.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the former intern, who served alongside Haziq for former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri in 2017, said the Santubong Youth PKR chief was also set on being a politician himself.

“He was an ambitious guy,” she told FMT today. “I remember him fondly as a genuinely nice person who had dreams to do something good for Malaysia.

“So I’m really confused as to why he’d give it up,” she said. “It doesn’t add up.”

This comes hours after Haziq confessed in a Facebook video early today that he was one of two men in several sex clips which have gone viral via WhatsApp.

He also named the person he was with, a federal minister who is also a senior PKR leader. The minister in question has yet to address the matter.

Haziq himself cannot be reached for further comment.

Santubong PKR chief Ahmad Nazib Johari had earlier said he does not believe it is Haziq in the videos.

He said his hair was “not like this” when he met him four days ago. He said his body build was also different as Haziq doesn’t go to the gym.

Senior PKR leaders are expected to discuss the sex clips when the party’s political bureau meets this evening.

Haziq is an aide to Deputy Primary Industries Minister Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, who is a PKR leader himself. He was appointed as Shamsul’s senior private secretary on Jan 19 this year.

The former intern echoed comments online on Haziq’s political allegiance.

He was said to be still a PKR member while interning for Nancy, who was a Barisan Nasional leader at the time.

“As far as I remember, during the time we worked together, no one really knew about where his true allegiances lay.”

She said Haziq served with Nancy until after GE14 last May.

The former intern, together with Haziq, in that time, mostly helped draft letters or follow the Batang Sadong MP to events and meetings.

Haziq is believed to have been part of her GE14 election team.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said since no PKR member had lodged a complaint with the party over Haziq’s activities with Nancy, no action was taken against him.

He also confirmed that prior to that, there was no record that Haziq ever sent a resignation later.

Haziq said the viral clips were recorded without his permission on May 11 at Hotel Four Points in Sandakan, during the recent by-election there. He claimed this happened in the minister’s room.