Mindef lodges report with MACC over undelivered helicopters

PUTRAJAYA: The defence ministry (Mindef) lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today over the purchase of six helicopters by the previous administration, said to be worth RM300 million, which were never delivered.

A Mindef official lodged the report at the MACC headquarters here this morning.

Speaking to reporters later, a Mindef spokesman who declined to be named said the deal was one-sided and favoured the local company appointed as the agent for the purchase.

He also spoke of a lack of military specs which is said to be compulsory in the purchase of military assets.

“The purchase of the helicopters was discussed during Lima 2015,” the spokesman said, referring to the International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition.

“It was approved in November, six months after Lima, which is exceptionally quick.”

The spokesman also said that according to the agreement, two helicopters were supposed to be delivered in July 2017, with the remaining four scheduled to be delivered in December 2018.

However, the ministry never received any of them, he added.

“And the government already paid RM112.65 million. The contract was very unfavourable to the government.”

It is understood that the owner of the company is a former aide to then-defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

Last month, FMT reported a deal by the previous administration to buy six MD530G light scout helicopters manufactured by MD Helicopters of the US.

Sources told FMT that a local company had been appointed as the agent for the purchase, before its dealership rights were said to have been terminated by MD Helicopters.

The helicopters were to be delivered in two batches with the second batch scheduled to arrive by last year.

Hishammuddin later said he did not have many details on the deal, and that it was a commercial venture.

He said if there was truth to the allegation, Mindef could take legal action against those involved.