Five Orang Asli in Rembau confirmed down with influenza

Negeri Sembilan director of health Dr Zainudin Mohd Ali. (Bernama pic)

SEREMBAN: Four Orang Asli patients admitted to Tampin hospital have tested positive for Influenza B, according to Negeri Sembilan director of health Dr Zainudin Mohd Ali. All were recovering.

The patients were among a group of 14 people in workers quarters in Kampung Kendong Baru in Kota, Rembau, who were diagnosed with Influenza-like Illness.

“At the ‘rumah kongsi’ (workers’ quarters) in Rembau, the conditions of nine people who are receiving treatment are improving. No new cases and deaths recorded,” he said.

He said continuous monitoring would be carried out by the department.

The 14 people comprised five Orang Asli admitted to hospital, and four other Orang Asli, three Bangladeshis and two Indonesians who were given outpatient treatment.

Dr Zainudin said the Rembau cases had no connection to an epidemic in Gua Musang, Kelantan, in which 14 Orang Asli were reported to have died, reportedly of pneumonia. Investigations are continuing.