PBK chief to be issued show cause letter by Sarawak DAP

Voon Lee Shan was recently elected president of Parti Bumi Kenyalang. (Facebook pic)

KUCHING: To avoid future disputes, Sarawak DAP is to carry on with its decision to issue a show cause letter to Voon Lee Shan, who was recently elected president of Parti Bumi Kenyalang, although he is still on the register as a DAP member.

State DAP organising secretary Violet Yong said he would be accorded due process of law and to avoid future challenges and disputes that he had been denied the right to be heard.

She said the party constitution stipulated that any member would cease to be a member on becoming a member of another political party.

When asked about PBK’s allegations that Sarawak DAP had remained silent about other DAP members, including a prominent member, Dominique Ng, who had previously left the party “quietly”, Yong said the matter had long been settled.

Voon, who is assemblyman for Pending, also questioned Voon’s integrity for falsely stating that the DAP had sacked him in 2011. She said Voon had chaired the DAP Batu Lintang branch meeting in 2012 and submitted the minutes and annual returns to DAP headquarters.

Voon had claimed he had been dismissed without warning on the eve of nomination day in 2011.