Be fair to Azmin, PKR women’s wing urges party

Wanita PKR deputy chief Dr Daroyah Alwi (middle, blue tudung) with Selangor Wanita PKR leaders at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters today.

PETALING JAYA: PKR’s women’s wing today urged the party leadership and supporters to be fair to deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali, who has been the target of several viral videos implicating him in homosexual activities with fellow PKR leader Haziq Aziz.

Wanita PKR deputy chief Dr Daroyah Alwi said the pressure on Azmin to step down was unfair as similar calls had not been made regarding Haziq.

“Don’t be like Otai Reformasi who called for action to be taken against the deputy president only. Why is there no pressure from the party for action to be taken against Haziq as well?”

By right, Haziq should also be stripped of his post as Santubong PKR Youth chief as well as any other post he holds in the party, she told FMT at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters here.

Otai Reformasi chairman Dr Idris Ahmad previously said Putrajaya should relieve Azmin of his official duties pending investigations into the case.

This followed Haziq’s shock confession that he was one of two people seen engaging in homosexual activities in several video clips that have gone viral on social media. He also named Azmin as the other individual in the clips.

Azmin has strongly denied the claim, calling it an attempt to kill his political career.

Daroyah said PKR should not reject Azmin’s query on how the individual behind the videos had obtained the numbers of division chiefs all over the country.

“We question how the names of division chiefs were in the WhatsApp group set up for the purpose of distributing the sex videos,” she said, adding that the party needs to answer this.

Daroyah, together with Selangor Wanita PKR leaders, earlier lodged a police report urging the authorities to probe the person responsible for spreading the videos.

“We want a stop to the dissemination of these slanderous videos, and we also want the police to ask the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to find out who is behind the spread of the videos,” she said.

She added that the allegation had hampered the leaders’ ability to develop the country.

“We regret that the incident took place – the political slandering of PKR’s second-in-command.

“We don’t want such a practice in our country. We want our leaders to continue their struggle and efforts to develop the country.”