PAS Youth apologises to Perlis PAS for allowing preacher Zamri Vinoth to speak

Preacher Zamri Vinoth.

KUANTAN: PAS Youth has apologised to Perlis PAS members for allowing preacher Muhammad Zamri Vinodh Kalimuthu to speak at the party’s annual congress.

Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden, a member of PAS Youth’s committee, said they were not aware that Perlis PAS members had issues with Zamri.

“When he (Zamri) was present, there was a request from his friends for him to give a talk.

“PAS Youth invited Zamri to speak in his capacity as the protege of Zakir Naik, to show our support for Naik.

“So we allowed him to speak in the evening because that was the best time, not knowing that there were specific issues between him and PAS Perlis Youth and Perlis PAS,” he said at the 60th PAS Youth Congress here today.

He said they made a mistake in not checking in advance with others.

Amirul Jufry, Perlis PAS’ Unit Amal volunteer corps chief, had claimed that Zamri had spread slander against Perlis PAS.

He asked the Youth leadership why Zamri had been allowed to attend the congress and give a speech.

He said the people in Perlis had been hurt by Zamri’s actions.

Some reports quoted Amirul Jufry as saying if Perlis PAS did not get any answers, they would walk out of the hall.

Zamri is a staunch supporter of Naik, who is wanted in India for questioning over money-laundering and other cases.

Zamri said at the PAS gathering that he would give up his Malaysian citizenship if Naik were to be extradited to India.

Zamri is also close to Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin.