Kedah PAS delegate warns of split in party

Kedah PAS delegate Ahmad Yahya says party members must not let history repeat itself.

PETALING JAYA: A PAS delegate has warned of a new split within the party if its cooperation with Umno is not properly explained and implemented.

Ahmad Yahya of Kedah said this could also happen in Umno, with certain unhappy quarters within both parties trying to tear the cooperation apart.

“Should we fail to enable our party members to understand (the cooperation with Umno), then we will be confronted with challenges ahead,” he said when debating the president’s policy speech at the 65th PAS Muktamar in Kuantan, Pahang today.

Ahmad said there was a possibility that some members unhappy with the cooperation could form a new party, “hence we will once again be divided”.

“Be careful, be wary. Don’t let history repeat itself.

“Don’t allow these people to punch new holes in this congregation. Protect and preserve this congregation. The unity we wish to build outside must begin with us,” he said.

Ahmad said the cooperation to unite the ummah was not to chase for power but to bring Muslims together.

He said if it were truly because of power, Umno would not have looked for PAS and could have searched for PPBM or DAP, “the big brothers in Pakatan Harapan”.

He said the cooperation had been a success so far, as witnessed in the opposition’s victories in three by-elections.

“The people can see for themselves the successes we achieved through this unity – in the Cameron Highlands, Rantau and Semenyih by-elections,” he said.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang yesterday reportedly admitted that members of both PAS and Umno initially had a phobia about each other but was confident this could be overcome.

Hadi also said PAS would not stake its claim to lead the alliance even though several delegates had urged the party to do so.