PAS leader says FMT’s coverage of muktamar more fair than others

KUANTAN: Comparing media coverage of the ongoing PAS muktamar in Pahang, a senior party leader today praised FMT, saying its reporting throughout the party’s assembly here has been more fair compared to another news portal.

PAS vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said this was not the case with Malaysiakini, which he accused of distorting headlines so that PAS leaders are depicted negatively.

“If in the past we had to be careful with Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, today we also have to be wary of Malaysiakini.

“If we were to make a comparison with Free Malaysia Today, I think FMT’s coverage is a little better than Malaysiakini,” he told delegates on the last day of the 65th muktamar today.

Amar warned of media outlets who were out to portray PAS in a bad light.

“I will be clear, Malaysiakini often gives headlines to portray our leaders negatively.

“Some of us only read the headlines, not the contents,” he said, adding that the headlines often did not reflect the contents of the reports.

Amar said PAS leaders should be wiser when confronted by the media, and advised the public to read news reports in full.