Pas Supporters’ Wing to review its stand on UEC recognition

PAS Supporters’ Wing president N Balasubramaniam addresses the 65th party muktamar in Kuantan, Pahang, today.

KUANTAN: The PAS Supporters’ Wing (DHPP) today said it would review its stand on the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) after a member declared yesterday the non-Muslim wing of the party supported its recognition.

The wing’s president N Balasubramaniam said it will review its stand on the issue to be in line with the position taken by the PAS central leadership.

“The UEC issue which was brought up yesterday by the DHPP delegate basically supports the existing national education policy, which encourages national unity.

“DHPP rejects efforts which work towards creating education streams that could shatter the unity among the people.

“DHPP will revisit this issue (UEC) so that it is in line with the central PAS’ stand which is made based on the country’s interests,” Balasubramaniam said at the 65th PAS Muktamar here.

Yesterday, DHPP delegate Kong Tuck Wah declared that the non-Muslim wing of the party supported UEC’s recognition.

A view of the delegates attending the PAS Muktamar in Kuantan.

Kong said issues such as education and religion should not involve politics as they were sensitive.

Last year, the 64th PAS Muktamar held in Kuala Terengganu unanimously voted to reject the federal government’s proposal to recognise UEC, which is available to Chinese junior high school graduate students.