Govt launches YouTube video on sexual harassment for preschoolers

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her deputy Hannah Yeoh (right) look at screen grabs of the videos targeted at children watching YouTube.

PUTRAJAYA: The women, family and community development ministry has launched a video campaign on YouTube to create awareness on sexual harassment among preschoolers

Children watching YouTube to learn the alphabets, for example, will be exposed to the videos before they can watch the programme.

The minister, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, said the five sets of one-minute videos produced with the help of NGOs are part of a pilot project to reduce the number of sexual offences against children.

She said the campaign hopes to reach 150,000 preschoolers in the country.

Wan Azizah said that through the videos, children can learn how to detect the behaviour of sexual predators.

They will be taught how to detect suspicious movements by people around them and report them to their parents or authorities.

She said the campaign was targeted at children watching YouTube because parents allowed them to watch the channel not only for entertainment but education as well.

However, parents must limit the time their children spent watching TV, she told reporters here today.

Deputy minister Hannah Yeoh said the videos were part of a pilot project to see if they would be successful in the future.

“We are testing this out because children today know better than us how to use YouTube for their entertainment and education.

“So, before they want to watch their programmes on YouTube, they will have to watch the advertisement first. This can help to increase their knowledge on sexual harassment,” she said.

Yeoh said the video would teach the children to differentiate between “safe touch” and “bad touch” and encourage them to report the incident.

She said the campaign was being carried out in collaboration with Google, which would monitor the most popular YouTube programmes among children for the advertisements to appear.