Stop blame game and work for people instead, Sabah leaders told

PPBM senator John Ambrose (centre) and Srikandi Penampang chief Lovita Koisun during a visit to households as part of a PPBM Srikandi charity programme in Penampang last week.

KOTA KINABALU: A PPBM senator has called on leaders from the ruling coalition including Pakatan Harapan to unite and serve the people instead of being embroiled in a blame-game against the previous government.

Penampang PPBM chief John Ambrose said this can best be showcased by party leaders in Penampang, which has the most number of elected representatives in one constituency.

He said party leaders should stop pointing fingers and highlighting the faults of the previous government because it hinders their responsibilities of serving the people.

“There is no point in pointing fingers and playing the blame game. We as elected representatives should unite to serve the people not only in Penampang but the whole of Sabah as well.

“Penampang alone is home to a federal minister, Darrel Leiking, and a state assistant minister, Jenifer Lasimbang, so there is no reason why we cannot come together to serve the people,” he said in a statement here today.

Leiking is the Penampang MP and Lasimbang is the Kepayan assemblyman. The other representatives from Penampang are deputy state assembly speaker George Ginibun, senators Adrian Lasimbang (DAP) and Donald Mojuntin (Upko) and nominated assemblyman Terrence Siambun.

Ambrose said a host of issues faced by residents could be effectively addressed if these leaders combined forces.

“One of the main issues that I would like to tackle together with all the other leaders is rural schools in Penampang,” he said.

The other problems included the planting of trees in water catchment areas to reduce floods, ensuring residents are properly documented and obtaining more funds for mission schools and churches.