Sabah PKR women’s wing calls for gag order on sex videos

Sabah PKR women’s chief Rahimah Majid.

KOTA KINBALU: The Sabah PKR women’s wing today urged party president Anwar Ibrahim to impose a gag order on leaders to prevent public dispute over the sex videos linked to deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Its chief, Rahimah Majid, said the party’s integrity would be jeopardised if the “backbiting” among leaders is not curbed.

The videos in question went viral earlier this month. Santubong Youth chief Haziq Aziz subsequently claimed to be one of the men seen engaging in homosexual acts, and named Azmin as the other.

The economic affairs minister however denied the claim, saying it was meant to destroy his political career.

The matter is still under police investigation.

Speaking to reporters here, Rahimah agreed with PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin who recently said Haziq would have been sacked from the party had she been president but that it was PKR’s desire to follow due process.

“I support Zuraida’s statement as it is only appropriate that Haziq be sacked from the party after admitting to the indecent acts made viral in the videos, which are also against the law.”

She said if PKR failed to take action, it would send out the wrong message and make it appear as though the party is protecting Haziq.

Rahimah, who is a member of the central leadership council and Kudat PKR chief, also criticised Wanita PKR vice-chief Faezah Ariffin for recommending disciplinary action against Zuraida for her comments.

“We in PKR should give our full and undivided support to Zuraida over her comments instead of attacking her like Faezah did,” she added.

However, she added that the consensus of the political bureau to follow due process should not prevent individuals from expressing their views on the matter.

“As a mature democracy, we should be able to agree to disagree,” she said.

She repeated her call for swift action against Haziq, whose actions she said had tarnished the party’s image and credibility.

“We are not questioning our party president’s credibility, but just to protect the party from being ruined by internal squabbles induced by certain unscrupulous individuals with selfish agendas,” she said.