After raunchy clips, hotel CCTV footage surfaces

A man resembling Haziq Aziz exits a lift, in this screenshot from a CCTV footage said to be from the Four Points hotel in Sandakan.

PETALING JAYA: A new video clip purportedly of CCTV footage from a hotel where Mohamed Azmin Ali stayed during the Sandakan by-election campaign was making rounds on social media today, renewing the gay sex video controversy allegedly involving the economic affairs minister.

The video, which was also uploaded on YouTube, appears to comprise footage from several angles, showing a lift lobby and what looks like a hotel corridor.

The clip is interspersed with captions mocking the three main characters said to be among those seen in the vicinity: Azmin, his political secretary Hilman Idham and Haziq Aziz.

FMT could not immediately verify if the men identified in the video were the trio.

Haziq, the Santubong PKR Youth chief, shocked the nation last month with a video confession naming himself and Azmin as the two men seen engaging in homosexual acts in several viral clips on social media.

Haziq said he had sex with Azmin at the Four Points hotel in Sandakan on May 11.

Azmin has strongly denied the claim, saying it is part of a conspiracy to end his political career.

Based on the timestamp of the clip, the recording spans about 12 hours from about midnight to noon on May 11.