Have a heart, pleads grieving husband of supposed pollution victim

JOHOR BAHRU: The grieving husband of a woman who supposedly died because of the pollution in Pasir Gudang has appealed for an end to fake accounts about her death and for people to stop circulating her photograph.

A Bakar Abd Rahman, 48, said his wife, Marini Kasman, 38, had died of heart failure and not because of the air pollution in Pasir Gudang.

“My statements were twisted, I was still grieving and just finished burying my wife before some reporters from unknown agencies came up and asked questions,” he was quoted as saying.

“I would like to advise these people to stop, if you have any humanity in you, you should understand my current situation,” he said, adding that no one has come up and met with him after the death of his wife, according to Star Online.

He added that his wife had been suffering from high blood pressure and asthma. She had been admitted to hospital on Friday night because of breathing difficulties and was pronounced dead at about 4am on Saturday due to heart failure, he said.

Her death led to a social media frenzy with a poster and video clip being circulated, attributing the cause of death to the air pollution problem in Pasir Gudang.

In Kuala Lumpur, the health ministry said Marini had been suffering from chronic illnesses for the past 10 years. Medical records did not showed her as having been given treatment during the pollution at Sungai Kim Kim in March, nor since June 20 when many people reported having breathing difficulties in Pasir Gudang.