Parents have an important role, Yeoh says after sibling quarrel ends in death

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh.

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy minister Hannah Yeoh today highlighted the role of parents in bringing up their children following news that the police had detained a teenager and her boyfriend in Perak on suspicion of killing her 16-year-old brother after a fight over a handphone.

“Generally, these things happen when there is a communication breakdown, where family members don’t talk (to each other) and no one is monitoring the children.

“The children are not educated and are left to grow up in this way,” she told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

It was reported that the victim was killed after getting involved in a fight with his sister’s boyfriend who had wanted to retrieve his handphone from the girl’s house.

The girl and her boyfriend were alleged to have slashed the brother’s throat and wrist with a knife before smothering him with a piece of plastic.

Yeoh, who is Segambut MP and deputy women, family and community development minister, said those who commit such crimes should be subject to rehabilitation as well as action, in order to facilitate a recovery process.

“If the crime involves children who commit crimes against other children… they are still young and have a long future ahead of them,” she added.

She said if no counselling or rehabilitation option is given to these individuals, it would burden the government.

“It’s not enough to catch those who carry out these wrongdoings. We have to study and see what happened in these families,” she said.