I won’t leave Umno for PPBM, Hisham says

Former Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein today reiterated his refusal to leave Umno and join PPBM, in the wake of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s call for Malay-based parties to unite under PPBM.

He declined to say whether he had received a personal invitation from Mahathir, but said he believes the PPBM chairman has been aware of his position from the start.

“Many have accused me of many things. But I have been consistent that I will not leave the party,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

“Whoever wants to meet me on unity, I will meet. But don’t ask me to leave Umno because I believe that Umno is capable of looking at the bigger struggle.”

He added that when it comes to the matter of Malay unity, it is important to find the best method.

“Before this, people did not expect that PAS and Umno could join hands. It was impossible at the time.

“Even now, although it is impossible for me to leave Umno, on uniting the Malays, it is important for us to look at the matter constructively and to continue discussing,” he said.

On whether he would consider working with Mahathir in the name of Malay unity, Hishammuddin said, “Let us hear Tun’s plans.

“It is better for us to meet first and discuss. In terms of unity, my father was the father of unity. Don’t tell me I am the son of division?”