Untrue that 20,000 Sabah PPBM members joining Warisan, says party pioneer

Pulai PPBM chief coordinator Sahran Untai (right) says members must respect any decision made by the top leadership, including accepting Umno members into its fold.

KOTA KINABALU: Pulai PPBM chief coordinator Sahran Untai today denied he is part of 260 party leaders claiming to be the party’s pioneers in Sabah who left PPBM last month to join Warisan.

In a press conference held at Sabah PPBM’s headquarters here today, Sahran said the statement by Thomas Mojuga, who claimed to be a pioneer of PPBM in Sabah although his membership is in Pulai, Johor, was misleading and fictitious.

“He claimed that many will leave the party because they are unhappy with the party’s decision to appoint Sulaman assemblyman Hajiji Noor as the state liaison chief.

“He also claimed that as many as 20,000 will follow him out of the party to join Warisan.

“Well, that is a tall tale because in our group, we only have 7,000 people and not all of them are registered.

“Today, at least 5,500 of these members have committed to stay with the party. The status of the other 1,500 is unknown. They may stay or they may not,” he said.

Sahran believed Mojuga took the decision to leave the party together with his followers out of disappointment because they had been lobbying for “certain things” from the party’s central leadership.

Therefore, he believed the decision they took was based on personal interests and not because they did not like the leaders in Sabah PPBM.

Last month, Mojuga claimed to be part of the backbone of the party in Sabah and that his decision to leave was backed by 260 party leaders, including division chiefs, youth leaders and women leaders, as they were unhappy with Hajiji’s appointment.

He claimed it was unfair for the party to exclude group leaders like Sahran, who had worked hard for the party but was not given any post.

Mojuga claimed that 20,000 party members will leave the party soon to join Warisan.

Sahran said as a party member, Mojuga should accept and respect any decision made by the party’s leadership. This included the decision to accept former Umno leaders into the party.

He explained that he had held meetings with party’s leaders, including with Hajiji, before holding today’s press conference as he did not want to go against the wishes of the party.

“That is why it took us a month to deny Mojuga’s claims. We fully support Hajiji’s appointment.

“Mojuga should not have openly criticised the party’s leaders and then announced his decision to join another party like Warisan.

“The question of who is appointed to lead PPBM in Sabah should not arise at all,” he said.