Alliance Bank disputes claims about union-busting

KUALA LUMPUR: Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd has displuted news reports that said the Federal Court had accused the bank of union-busting. In a statement today, the bank said the court, in its oral judgement, did not rule that the bank was guilty of union-busting or that it had broken any law.

“The Federal Court merely affirmed the decision made by the Minister of Human Resources that the employees involved were not engaged in an executive, managerial, confidential and security capacity, and that the Minister was not obliged to provide the report and investigation upon which he had based his decision,” the bank said.

Various articles had been published online and in print over the weekend concerning the Federal Court’s decision involving Alliance Bank.

The bank said the promotion exercise conducted in 2012 was a genuine effort on the bank’s part to help improve the career prospects and advancement of deserving employees and to cater for business exigencies.

In any case, the employees involved were not denied union representation and were represented by another union body, it added, Bernama reported.

On Saturday, the National Union of Bank Employees said in a statement that the Federal Court had ruled that Bank Muamalat and Alliance Bank “were guilty of union-busting tactics by promoting workers without giving them any ‘real’ executive powers as implied in their appointment letters”.

The union said the Federal Court had agreed with the findings of lower courts that the two banks had ”promoted” clerical staff to executives merely to exclude them from being part of NUBE.