Demotion, shaming for police chiefs who tolerate illegal gambling, says top cop

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador says his officers have ‘more or less’ dealt with illegal gambling dens.

SEMENYIH: Top cop Abdul Hamid Bador today announced that police chiefs in districts where illegal gambling activities continue will be demoted and shamed without warning.

“I’m not going to give warnings many times although I’m satisfied that my orders have been carried out.

“But if it is still rampant (in a district), if I receive (information), I will take action under the radar,” he said after presenting medals to police officers at the General Operations Force camp here.

He added that he would demote the district police chief and reveal the matter in the media.

However, he also said he was satisfied with his subordinates’ will to raid vice dens.

“I can see their sincerity in taking action. Throughout the country we can see raids are happening, and they (vice den operators) have to resort to using technology (for online gambling).”

He also said that the police have “more or less” closed most of the illegal gambling dens, and that the challenge now is to tackle online gambling.

He said the police are holding discussions with their counterparts in the region and will present their recommendations to the government.

Hamid previously warned all police personnel to cut ties with the bosses of gambling and vice syndicates before action is taken against them.