Don’t be a hypocrite, Azmin tells party information chief

Azmin Ali was implicated in a gay sex video scandal by former Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Aziz.

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has hit out at the party’s information chief, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, for asking political leaders and government officials who have been implicated in wrongdoing to take leave of absence.

“Don’t be a hypocrite,” the economic affairs minister said briefly when asked by reporters at the parliament lobby today.

Last month, Azmin was implicated in a sex video scandal by then Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Aziz.

Haziq shocked the nation with a video confession naming himself and Azmin as the two men seen engaging in homosexual acts in several video clips that went viral on social media.

Azmin has strongly denied the claim, saying it was part of a conspiracy to end his political career.

Earlier today, Shamsul said in a statement that political leaders who had been implicated in offences could help enforcement agencies by at least taking leave of absence until investigations were completed.

“This is important as it will give room to the authorities to carry out their duties freely and fairly while demonstrating to the public that the leaders are not trying to hide behind their posts, positions in the party or using the prime minister as their shield,” he said.