Najib shouldn’t lie over attacks on Kuok, says Nazri

Nazri Aziz says being Najib Razak’s supporter then, he followed whatever the former prime minister said.

KUALA LUMPUR: Padang Rengas MP Nazri Aziz has hit back at former prime minister Najib Razak over attacks against tycoon Robert Kuok, saying Najib should not “lie”.

“Just ask Najib not to lie. He knows that, he knows what I am talking about,” Nazri told reporters after a parliamentary caucus meeting today.

He was asked to respond to Najib’s comments earlier today that he never attacked the sugar king, after Nazri said he (Nazri) had criticised Kuok in order to defend the former prime minister.

Describing Kuok was a family friend, Najib said he had merely made a point that every successful tycoon in Malaysia owed their success to policies of the past Barisan Nasional government.

But Nazri said that being Najib’s supporter then, he followed whatever the former prime minister said.

“Whatever he said I followed. That is the truth and Najib should speak the truth,” he said.

The former tourism minister said he had nothing to do with Kuok. “What do you think, I woke up one morning and decided to whack (Kuok)? There must be a reason.”

Nazri, who had previously expressed support for PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, said he would not jump ship.

“I (am in) Umno but can’t I support Anwar? I am speaking for myself. I will continue to support him (Anwar),” he said.

He said he would also remain in the caucus headed by Anwar, adding that the Port Dickson MP was a reformist.

Nazri had previously pointed out that Najib had accused Kuok of not supporting the government despite getting government projects.

On Sunday, Najib said Nazri was among the reasons the Chinese did not vote for MCA. He said Nazri’s criticism of Kuok had offended the Chinese community, resulting in them not backing the MCA.