Anwar will be PM, so let’s talk about more important things, says Kadir

A Kadir Jasin says it is wrong to call Dr Mahathir Mohamad an interim prime minister. (Bernama pic)

SHAH ALAM: Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s communications adviser says he is confident that Anwar Ibrahim will take over as prime minister as promised by Pakatan Harapan.

Speaking at the launch of a book titled “Anwar PM ke-8” by political writer Shahbudin Husin, Kadir said there are more important issues facing the nation than talking about the succession plan.

“We know economists have predicted a tougher economy in one to two years, so like Jomo said, we should stop talking politics and focus on the economy,” he said, referring to economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram.

Kadir said investors don’t really care about who leads the nation, but want clarity and certainty on policies.

Under a deal struck by the PH leadership, Anwar will succeed Mahathir as prime minister though no time frame has been set for the transfer of power.

Kadir however disagreed with a suggestion that Mahathir set a date for handing over power to Anwar.

He said there should be an element of surprise so that politicians would not lobby for ministerial posts.

Kadir also said it is not right to call Mahathir an “interim prime minister”.

He said the term was not used by PH when it named Mahathir for the top post.

“It only said Mahathir would be PM if PH won GE14, that he would push for Anwar’s release and hand over power to Anwar.

“But I am confident Anwar will become PM,” he added.

Meanwhile, Redzuan Othman of the Selangor government-owned Institute Darul Ehsan said its survey found that 45% wanted Anwar to succeed Mahathir.

“I think it is clear that only Anwar can succeed Mahathir, anyone else can dream of becoming PM but based on our survey, only Anwar is accepted by the people.”

Redzuan said the survey had interviewed 1,600 people.