Sabah probes discrepancies in e-Kasih aid system

Sabah rural development minister Ewon Benedick (with cap) visiting a Kota Belud household earlier today

KOTA KINABALU: State rural development minister Ewon Benedick said that the list of poor households in the e-Kasih system will be reviewed to ensure that government aid reaches the right people.

“There have been complaints that some of the households listed in the e-Kasih database are not eligible for assistance while those who qualify continue to be neglected.

“I have asked the district office mobile teams to be empowered to verify the status of families on the e-Kasih list and track down those who should be there but are not,” he told reporters after taking part in the Kota Belud district mobile team visit earlier today.

The visit by the Kota Belud district mobile team, he said took two days to complete and checked on 21 households in the district.

Benedick who is also Kadamaian assemblyman said the state government had agreed to maintain the existing mechanism for processing assistance requests through the e-Kasih system.

This mechanism includes a visit by mobile teams to verify applications received before they are forwarded to the district focus group committee for deliberation and approval.

“Poverty is still a major problem to be solved,’ he said.