Parang gang make off with 320 Boer goats worth RM300,000

The Boer goat is a South African breed popular for its meat.

JOHOR BAHRU: A livestock company entrepreneur lost RM300,000 when 320 Boer goats were stolen by a group of machete-wielding men at his farm in Seelong, near Kulai, two days ago.

Osman Goat Farm managing director Osman Cheya Kutty, said eight masked men believed to be locals, wearing gloves and armed with long machetes, entered the farm at about 10.30pm on Tuesday and took away all the animals in a lorry.

The gang also stole two boxes of livestock medicines.

Osman, 51, said there were only two male Indonesian employees, aged 39 and 42 years, at the farm. “They were bound hand and foot and placed in a container which had previously been used as a resting place. One of the employees was slightly injured after being hit by a suspect for trying to fight back. The robbers took their possessions including mobile phones.”

Osman said he came to know about the theft about 10.15am yesterday after receiving a phone call from his workers who had managed to escape.

He said the two workers managed to free themselves and borrowed a mobile phone belonging to a passing lorry driver.

“Although 320 goats have been stolen, we still have 3,000 to 4,000 local goat breeds, and those from Thailand and Australia,” he said. The Boer is a South African breed of goat popular for its meat.

Kulai district police chief Supt Tok Beng Yeow confirmed the theft.