Sabah DAP chief explains why Vivian Wong is not council chief

Sabah DAP chief Frankie Poon said the council matter had been settled beforehand.

KOTA KINABALU: Acting Sabah DAP chief Frankie Poon has brushed aside opposition criticism over the party’s failure to install new Sandakan MP Vivian Wong as the head of a council recently set up to revitalise the economy in the district.

Poon said the Sandakan Economic Re-development Council which he chairs had been mooted before DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang suggested that Wong would head the council if she won the Sandakan by-election.

“This council had been worked on before Lim brought in the idea. And it was actually crystallised when the by-election was over. This council was already decided before the suggestion to consider Wong was made … anyway she’s one of the committee members,” he said.

The question about Wong’s appointment was raised by Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) secretary-general Richard Yong We Kong.

“What has happened to Lim Kit Siang’s announcement during the Sandakan by-election that the council is to be chaired by Wong? Lim had promised that he will personally assist the committee. Where is he now? Has he abandoned Sandakan?” Yong said.

During the by-election campaign in May, Lim had announced that Wong would spearhead a special council formed to return Sandakan to its glory if she won by a big margin.