Two ministries in crackdown on vape sales outside schools

A screen grab of two boys enjoying ‘Smoke Candy’ said to be the latest craze among schoolchildren. (Twitter screengrab)

KUALA LUMPUR: The education ministry will work with the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry to deal with the problem of electronic cigarettes and vape being sold to schoolchildren.

The education ministry said its monitoring revealed that the sale of such materials took place outside the school area.

“The ministry takes this issue of selling of illegal materials such as electronic cigarettes and vape to school students that went viral over the past few days seriously,” it said.

The two ministries would work to curb sales of prohibited substances especially to schoolchildren, the statement said.

The consumer affairs ministry said it would take appropriate measures to provide exposure on the prohibition of the purchase and the danger of using such materials from a health standpoint.

It reminded parents to monitor the activities of their children who are inclined towards the use of the forbidden substance.