PM’s name misused for Bitcoin scam, reports lodged

PUTRAJAYA: Reports are being lodged about the misuse of the Prime Minister’s name in a personal email seeking support for his administration, and another about his name being used to promote a Bitcoin business.

The reports are being made to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and the Malaysian anti-Corruption Commission, the Prime Minister’s Office said today.

It said the Prime Minister had never issued a letter by e-mail to the senior management of government-linked companies seeking their personal support for the success of his administration.

“Any form of official confirmation from the Prime Minister will only be issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and not via his personal e-mail,” it said.

The Prime Minister’s Office also said that the Prime Minister has never supported any website promoting the Bitcoin business.

“The Prime Minister’s Office wishes to advise these parties to be more responsible and not abuse the Prime Minister’s name and position in correspondence or websites because it is unlawful to do so,” it said.