Sabah group dares DCM to name those behind forced conversions

Suara Masyarakat Sabah chairman Musli Oli (third from left) with members of Sabah Umno and PAS after lodging a police report against Wilfred Madius Tangau today.

KOTA KINABALU: A police report has been filed against an online posting by Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Wilfred Madius Tangau for what was regarded as religious undertones.

Musli Oli, chairman of pressure group Suara Masyarakat Sabah urged Tangau not to turn religion into a political issue. If people wanted to do that in Peninsular Malaysia, it is up to them, “but not in Sabah,” he told FMT.

He was accompanied by Sabah Umno and PAS members when lodging the report at the city police headquarters in Karamunsing here today, but said that he was making the report as an ordinary citizen.

Musli, who is information chief of United Sabah National Organisation (New Usno), challenged Tangau to name the state government leader who had come to Tambunan 38 years ago and allegedly forced people to convert to Islam.

“Don’t just state the name but also produce evidence to back your allegations that threats were made by the leader in Tambunan back then,” he said, referring to Tangau’s remarks in a Facebook posting.

Tangau had claimed that people were forced to convert, otherwise they would not be given land or allowed to work. Tangau did not name the leader.

Musli said that “between 1976 and 1985, Berjaya which was spearheaded by Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) leaders, managed to unseat the Usno government … which leader is he referring to?”

Yesterday former Umno minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan had criticised Tangau’s comments and noted that the previous Barisan Nasional administration had allocated more for churches and temples.

Musli said Tangau’s statement did not help to foster good relations between the various peoples in Sabah.