Selangor PKR questions need to show support for Anwar

Selangor PKR chairman Amirudin Shari.

SHAH ALAM: Selangor PKR has questioned the need for the recent public show of support for party president Anwar Ibrahim by various PKR state chapters.

Selangor PKR chairman Amirudin Shari said the issue of renewing support for Anwar did not arise, noting that the party president was unchallenged at the party’s last elections.

“There is no justification yet for why so many want to express their support,” he said. “But it is okay, if everyone wants to support, do support, we have no problem.”

He said Selangor PKR supported all party leaders including deputy president Azmin Ali, and did not see the need to renew support.

He said there would be a need to do something if there was a lack of confidence in a leader. “However, this is not the case right now,” he told reporters at the Selangor state assembly today.

Over the past few days, PKR leaders in several states have expressed their support for Anwar as party leader. Shows of support were made by party leaders in Johor, Penang, Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Sarawak.

Amirudin said he believed Anwar’s position was not in jeopardy and he was confident that there would be no attempt to challenge Anwar’s mandate.

Amirudin says ‘traffic jam’ caused him to miss party meeting

At the same time, Amirudin also explained that he could not attend a PKR leadership council meeting yesterday because he was stuck in a traffic jam.

“I tried to attend but I could not as the traffic was quite severe,” he said.

Other PKR leaders who were absent yesterday were deputy president Azmin Ali, vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin, Tian Chua and PKR women’s chief Haniza Talha.