Netflix probing claims of illegal ‘RM10’ accounts

Netflix made its debut in Malaysia in early 2016. (AFP pic)

PETALING JAYA: Netflix says it is probing claims that scores of accounts are being hacked with syndicates selling usernames and passwords for only a fraction of the monthly subscription fee.

“We are aware of this incident and are investigating,” a spokesman told FMT.

This follows a check by the Malaysian Cyber Consumer Association (MCCA) which revealed that scores of Netflix accounts could have been exposed to hacking.

MCCA president Siraj Jalil said these illegal users likely bought the usernames and passwords through syndicates operating on social media.

However, he said he was in the dark over how these details could have been exposed as technological advancements in securing data should make it an impossible feat for even a seasoned hacker.

Netflix, which made its debut in Malaysia in early 2016, is available under three plans ranging between RM33 and RM51 a month depending on video quality options and the number of devices.

“Illegal Netflix accounts” meanwhile are available under three plans: RM10, RM18 or RM30, one seller told FMT.

None of the options requires a contract or credit card, neither can the accounts be auto-renewed on a monthly basis.

Additional fees are required to ensure continuous “subscription”, even if the password for the account being hacked is changed. Should this happen, a new login will be provided.

The Netflix spokesman urged users suspicious of someone using their accounts without permission to check for signs of unauthorised activity such as recent viewing activity or device streaming activity.

“If you’re seeing unexpected streaming activity on your Netflix account and none of your devices have been stolen, we recommend you change your Netflix password to make sure no one else can access your account without your permission,” the spokesman said.

“You can also sign out of all devices connected to your account to disconnect any unauthorised devices.”

Alternatively, users can contact Netflix through the Netflix app or from any phone and via live chat as well as access the multiple help pages on Netflix’s website.

A spokesman for the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission also acknowledged receiving complaints on the matter.