Royal Belum State Park on Unesco shortlist

Royal Belum state park is on a short list of sites for world heritage listing.

GERIK: The Royal Belum State Park is on the short list of sites for Unesco world heritage status because it is a treasure trove of highly valued flora and fauna, as well as tropical rainforest ecology, a park official said today.

Mohamed Shah Redza Hussein, general manager of the Perak State Parks Corporation, said the body was preparing a dossier for the park’s Unesco candidacy, in cooperation with the state government.

In his speech at the Global Tiger Day 2019 celebration in Gerik today, Mohamed Shah Redza said Gerik represents the entry point to natural wonders, particularly the Royal Belum tropical rainforest that is older than the Amazon and Congo rainforests, with Belum also possessing a variety of wildlife particularly the Malayan tiger that is on the verge of extinction.

According to Mohamed Shah Redza, Gerik is a focal point for research and tiger conservation for scientists from all over the world, adding that the much-anticipated Unesco recognition would improve ecotourism in the area.

There are currently four areas of natural beauty in Malaysia which are on the Unesco World Heritage List and they comprise Lenggong Valley in Perak, Mulu National Park in Sarawak and Kinabalu Park in Sabah. The historical cities of Melaka and George Town are also on the heritage list.