Racial vacancy notice riles up social media users

The Kitschen fashion company apologised for a racial jobs notice at one of its shops.

PETALING JAYA: A lifestyle fashion company, Kitschen, has apologised to social media users after a discriminatory vacancy notice was posted at one of its branches.

The notice bore a line saying that only Malay and Chinese applicants were sought to join their team.

“We take full responsibility and will address this issue,” the company said in a statement this evening, adding that it is in talks with the parties involved and will take immediate action.

The company said it did not condone discriminatory behaviour. “There is no excuse for this. We bow our heads in shame and are humbled.”

Photos of the vacancy notice were posted online by Facebook user Shambavi Shankar, who said the poster was seen at the company’s Bukit Tinggi branch in Klang.

She said a member of the staff in the shop, on being confronted about the notice, had told her, “isn’t it better to inform Indians on a notice outside rather than wasting their time, walking inside and applying?”

The company apologised to Shambavi and said the notice was against its policy and “there was no approval from management to post such a vacancy ad”.

Kitschen, which has shops in four states and the capital, describes itself as “a fashion playground” for youth “to experiment with what they’re wearing”.