DAP still united, says Guan Eng amid fears of khat rift

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng

KUALA LUMPUR: Amid fears of a rift in DAP, party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said last night the party remained united in the face of community fears over lessons on khat (Jawi calligraphy) in vernacular schools next year.

After five hours of talks at the DAP headquarters tonight, Lim said that the party would work as a team. Every decision made by the party would be a collective one, where the views of leaders and its members, especially over the khat controversy, would be taken into account.

“All DAP elected representatives were present to openly discuss current issues. What is important, is that the stance we take is one that is unanimous,” he said after the meeting.

“It is unlike what is being played up by certain quarters. DAP is still united and will address issues as a team. Which is why we are listening to views.”

Lim refused to be drawn about the outcome of the meeting. He said the party would issue an official statement on its stand on khat.

It was reported yesterday that DAP grassroots members were up in arms over an apparent defence by party leaders of government plans for a chapter on khat to be included in the Year 4 Bahasa Melayu syllabus in vernacular schools.

Many accused the party of “caving in” to government policies seen as undermining the community, and some 138 DAP grassroots officials, including 13 state assemblymen, have urged DAP ministers to object to the plans for khat.