Mara student’s body to be brought home from Sydney next week

Amirul Ashraff Md Azhar, from Taiping, is said to have slipped from level 23 of his apartment complex in Sydney. (Facebook pic)

PUTRAJAYA: The body of Amirul Ashraff Md Azhar, a Malaysian student who died after he was believed to have fallen from his apartment in Sydney, is expected to be brought home next week.

Rural Development Minister Rina Mohd Harun said Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) officials in Australia were working to ensure that the body of the final-year student of the mechatronics engineering degree at the University of Technology, Sydney, could be taken home quickly.

She said the matter was expected to be finalised after the post-mortem of the Mara-sponsored student’s body by Australian authorities had been completed.

“Our officers there are working on some things, including documentation matters, that need some time to resolve.

“But according to the officials, the body is expected to be brought back to Malaysia next week,” she told reporters after meeting 70 outstanding students under the Budi Mara programme from the Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) here today.

Also present was Mara director-general Azhar Abdul Manaf.

In the incident, Amirul, 22, from Taiping, was said to have slipped from level 23 of his apartment complex, located about 5km from the university.

Rina said Amirul’s next of kin had also been informed of the matter and left it to Mara to manage the return of the eldest of three siblings.

Meanwhile, Rina said she was informed that Amirul’s appeal to resit five subjects that he had failed had been approved by Mara.

“He had submitted an appeal which had been processed by Mara. We had given approval for him to resume his studies.”

On the Budi Mara Programme, Rina said the ministry had allocated RM1.65 million this year to assist 1,500 MRSM students from B40 low-income families.

She said the 70 outstanding students today were a testament to the success of the Budi Mara programme after obtaining an average grade of 3.70 and above in the final semester exam.