Families of missing Sarawakian soldiers want search to resume

Thony Hilo (left), brother of missing soldier Moses Logers, and Logers’ uncle Michael Jinep.

KUCHING: The family members of two Sarawakian soldiers, missing since July 19, have urged the government to resume the search for them.

Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu had stated on July 29 that the search and rescue operation for David Edmund Rapi and Moses Logers had been temporarily suspended as there had not been any new leads.

Rapi, 39, from Dalat, and Logers, 25, from Bau, were reported to have “mysteriously” gone missing while on duty on Pulau Perak, Kedah.

Logers’ uncle, Michael Jinep, said family members had been holding prayers for the duo’s safety because they believed both were still alive.

However, he said they had been left in the dark as authorities had not given them any update.

“We were not informed about how they went missing. We were only told that on July 19, they were in their room after having their dinner at 7pm and were only found missing during the roll call at 10pm.

“Their personal belongings were still in their rooms except for their mobile phones,” Jinep told reporters here today.

Jinep said some family members visited the island on July 26 and found no signs of any search and rescue operation although it was only on July 29 that the operation was officially called off.

Meanwhile, Works Minister Baru Bian said he had instructed his special officers to arrange a meeting with the defence ministry to assist the family members.

Baru said he was informed that the family members had tried their best to find out what happened but the authorities had not given them the full picture or information on what was going on.

“They managed to meet up with the commanding officer at a coffee shop but he did not disclose any information to them, and it was difficult for them to contact him after that,” he said.