Severe haze envelopes Kuala Baram in Sarawak

Kuala Baram in Sarawak recorded a ‘hazardous’ API reading of 317 at 11am today but the air quality in Miri has improved. (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Kuala Baram in Sarawak is experiencing severe haze with an Air Pollutant Index (API) reading of 317 at 11am today.

Miri, which had experienced “hazardous” API readings in the past two days, showed an improvement in air quality this morning.

An API recording of between 0 and 50 shows the air quality is good, 51 to 100 moderate, 101 to 200 unhealthy, 201 to 300 very unhealthy, and 301 and above hazardous.

The API recorded at SK Kuala Baram increased from 242 at 8am to 282 at 9am, 302 at 10am and 317 an hour later.

Miri’s reccording peaked at 396 at 6pm yesterday before dropping to 301 at 8am today and 296 at 11am.

In Sibu, the API reading at 11am was 170 compared to 118 at 11pm yesterday.

The API readings for Sri Aman were 107 at 4am today and 102 at 11am.