Tell us about nasty ‘3R’ content, says MCMC

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has urged the public to lodge a report on any incident or social media content that touches on 3Rs (Race, Religion and Royalty).

MCMC, in a statement today, said the report could be made via WhatsApp to 016-220 6262 or by email to [email protected]

He said such reports would facilitate and expedite the enforcement process to be taken against objectionable 3R content, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Members of the public are also asked to take screenshots and the URL links of the inappropriate content on social media and to post them to MCMC.

MCMC said for the negative content distributed through the WhatsApp application, a screenshot (of the content) along with the individual phone number was required for the purpose of lodging a report.

It also further reminded the public to practice moderation while addressing sensitive issues in order to preserve the harmony and peace achieved through mutual understanding that was built 62 years ago.

MCMC also stressed that any comment and dissemination of negative statements that posed a threat to the unity of the multiracial community in the country should be stopped immediately for mutual benefit.