Cops looking into lawyer’s claim that Nora Anne’s family involved in her death

Irish teenager Nora Anne Quoirin.

PETALING JAYA: The police are looking into claims by an Irish lawyer that the family of Nora Anne Quoirin was complicit in the teenager’s disappearance and death, FMT understands.

Authorities had attributed Nora Anne’s death to internal bleeding probably due to prolonged hunger and stress.

However, in a heated Facebook post this morning, lawyer Anne Brennan, who is also a child activist, accused the Quoirin family of doing “everything in their power to subvert the course of justice”.

Brennan said the family’s recent announcement that they were leaving Malaysia with the teenager’s body was highly suspicious.

She also alleged that Nora Anne’s parents, Meabh and Sebastien Quoirin, had “high-tailed” it out of the country upon receiving a guarantee that they would not be investigated for any involvement in the teenager’s disappearance and death.

“(They) somehow convinced the Malaysian authorities to abandon their murder inquiry and release Nora’s body without producing the necessary forensic and toxicology reports that form part of every standard criminal death investigation,” she said.

Calling the entire matter a “cover-up”, Brennan said the Quoirins had given no account of their movements in the hours before they reported their daughter missing.

“All the simple routine things that happen in a missing child case and criminal investigation failed to happen in the case of Nora.”

Brennan also said the police had confirmed there was no evidence of a “third party” entering the family’s villa on the night Nora Anne was reported missing.

“There was no evidence of a struggle. No fingerprints, footprints, or screams. Nobody heard anything.

“Malaysian police said that Nora did not go alone. A third party was involved, and the third party was someone known to Nora.”

Nora Anne, who was reported missing on Aug 4, was found dead in a ravine about 2.5km from the resort where her family had been staying.

Police said small scratches were found on her feet but that the forensic pathologist who conducted the post-mortem had ruled that these would not have contributed to her death.

They also said there was no evidence of sexual assault or element of abduction or kidnapping.

On Aug 15, police arrested a 29-year-old man for alleging that Nora Anne was raped by an Orang Asli.