Thousands sign up for anti-racism ‘walkabout’ in Malay headgear

Nur Ahmad Faiz Mohd Azmi believes that a true Malay is not racist.

PETALING JAYA: A group of activists is recruiting thousands of people online to get them to wear a traditional form of Malay headgear called the tanjak, in what it says will be a show of unity to reject racism being promoted by some “manipulative politicians”.

Nur Ahmad Faiz Mohd Azmi, who is behind a movement to “rebrand” the Bangsa Melayu concept, claimed that some 30,000 have signed up for the gathering planned on Sept 16, which is also Malaysia Day.

He said on that day, people are urged to wear the headgear and to walk individually or with their families.

He said the online campaign had taken on a life of its own, with the hashtag #berdirisendiri going viral.

Faiz believes the tanjak serves as a reminder of the “true nature of the Malays” in the past.

“Those days, the Malays were not racist. We did not find fault with others. We accepted everyone,” Faiz, who is a businessman, told FMT.

“Those days, the Malays had high moral standing without raising issues of Bangsa Melayu.

“The Malays, Chinese, Indians, we are not racists,” said Faiz, who said he had attended a Chinese primary school.

He blamed the growing narrative of racism among the Malays on manipulative politicians.

“That is why there was May 13. Enough is enough. We need to rebrand ourselves, improve our lives, acknowledge our mistakes and look within ourselves,” he said in a video message on Facebook.

Faiz believes his rallying call will show the original identity of the Malays whom he says are people of high moral standing.

“We were strong because we were strong as individuals with good moral values. Now our strength is seen when we are in a group.”

He said the tanjak would also remind the Malays of their roots.

“Our mind is great. Everything is stored there.

“But now our mind is filled with racism. How are we going to be successful if we keep talking about racism?” he asked.