No more warnings, top cop tells those inciting racial hatred

Abdul Hamid Bador warns political leaders to be more responsible especially in the days leading to the Merdeka celebrations.

KUALA LUMPUR: No more warnings will be given to those who try to incite racial and religious sensitivities, Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador says.

He said anyone who does so, including political leaders, will be investigated and arrested immediately.

“I will not hesitate to arrest them. I have instructed my men to investigate cases classified as involving religious and ethnic sensitivities. Don’t wait, investigate and arrest. I repeat, no more warnings,” he told Bernama News Channel yesterday.

Hamid added that irresponsible parties were out to create problems in the country.

He said many individuals share unconfirmed news and record racist videos and post them on social media, including those insulting the country’s leaders.

“I urge the public not to be fooled by the political games of certain parties. Before they realise it, they are trapped and the person who made the video viral has no clue how it all started and is eventually arrested and charged.

“My advice is not to act recklessly and emotionally,” he said.

Hamid also said the police had resolved many racial issues.

“I call on political leaders to have a sense of responsibility this month because we want to celebrate National Day. Many irresponsible statements have been made. They should be held accountable after we have successfully upheld the democratic process.

“Now it’s like a total mess. The people are afraid of what is going on in our country. Be responsible, do not issue statements without thinking, stop all this,” he said.