No change in our stand on Naik, says Dr M

Dr Zakir Naik outside Bukit Aman police headquarters today.

PUTRAJAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he has not changed his position on Dr Zakir Naik, as the Indian Muslim preacher is investigated over recent controversial remarks.

“At this moment, there is no change,” he told reporters after attending a gathering with civil servants here today.

Last week, Mahathir said the government will revoke preacher Naik’s permanent resident status if his actions are found to be detrimental to the well-being of the country.

Naik recently caused an outcry when he questioned the loyalty of Malaysian Hindus to Mahathir and was later quoted as saying that the Chinese community in Malaysia were also considered to be “guests” in the country.

Police have since summoned Naik to record his statement after more than 100 police reports were lodged against him.

The Indian government is again pushing for an Interpol red notice against the controversial preacher as its next measure to bring him back to the country.

Naik is wanted by Indian authorities who are seeking his extradition to face charges of money laundering in his home country.

However, Putrajaya has so far resisted India’s request with Mahathir questioning whether Naik would receive a fair trial.

Naik, who has permanent resident status in Malaysia, has denied the charges against him although he says he is prepared to face them.

However, he wants an assurance from New Delhi that he will not be arrested until he is found guilty.