Ex-MB Nizar fails to retain Gopeng division post

Nizar Jamaluddin was head of a short-lived Pakatan Rakyat state government in Perak in 2008.

PETALING JAYA: Nizar Jamaluddin, the Perak Amanah deputy chairman, has failed to retain his spot as a committee member in the party’s Gopeng division.

This was announced by Perak Amanah election committee chairman Akhiruddin Taib at the party’s annual meeting today.

“Nizar, who is also the former Perak menteri besar failed to retain his position as he did not win enough votes to make it into the top 15 spots,” he said.

In today’s election, a total of 70 delegates voted for the 22 candidates at the meeting held in Ipoh.

The incoming committee re-elected Badrin Abdul Khalid as the divisional chairman, with Shahari Anuar Ibrahim elected as his deputy, and Mat Razali Abdul Rahman and Abdul Aziz Omar elected as vice-chairmen.

Nizar, then with PAS, was head of a short-lived Pakatan Rakyat state government in Perak after the 2008 general elections. His government collapsed a year later after three defections to the Barisan Nasional, causing Pakatan Rakyat to lose its majority.

The new Gopeng divisional committee headed by Badrin Abdul Khalid (centre)

His request to disssolve the state assembly for fresh elections was rejected by the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, who deemed that Nizar had lost the confidence of the state assembly, and appointed Zambry Abd Kadir of Barisan Nasional to form a new state government.

A legal challenge was mounted against the decision, which was ultimately upheld by the Federal Court.

Nizar subsequently joined Amanah.