Malaysia must prove its worth to stay relevant, says Sapura Technologies CEO

Mohd Zarif Hashim, CEO of Sapura Secured Technologies.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has been urged to have a thorough plan for the next five to 10 years so the country will remain relevant on the world map.

Mohd Zarif Hashim, CEO of Sapura Secured Technologies, said Malaysia should improve its abilities in all industries for it to stay relevant.

He said the country must strive to find its strengths to prove to the world that it has something to offer.

“If we don’t stay relevant, then people won’t look at us. Now, in a globalised world, what is Malaysia’s function in the world trade between the big countries?

“If we don’t stay relevant, then the world won’t need us. We might be colonised for the second time.

“To survive, we must be good in everything, but to be relevant, we must be excellent in three or five things.

“We must define what that is. If not, we are not needed,” he said at the Asian Tiger Talk Series held at Akademi Kenegaraan BTN on Jalan Bellamy here.

Zarif said Malaysia needs to be wary of globalisation and the borderless world so it can still be “noticed” on the world map.

Zarif is an adviser to Akademi Harimau Asia, which aims to power the Asian Tiger Initiative through education.

He compared Malaysia with Singapore, which, though a small country, has been preparing to face the future.

He said ‘we used to be a significant country in the past, with an important role to play in the trading world’.

He said during the time of the Malacca sultanate, many countries, including China and Europe, had to pass by Malaya through the Melaka Strait to trade.

“But now in a globalised world, with modern technology, what do we have to stay relevant?”