Lights, camera, EPF, Socso…and action!

Hans Isaac, chairman of Finas.

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 30,000 artistes and film production crews will enjoy Employees Provident Fund and Social Security Organisation (Socso) benefits from January.

National Film Development Corporation chairman Hans Issac said the scheme will be launched next October and would benefit more than 30,000 local arts enthusiasts.

Isaac said the Finas Act 1981 allows the scheme to be introduced to everyone working in the industry including make-up artistes, runners and production crews.

He said the amount of the contribution would depend on the person’s salary and insurance policy. “If workers’ minimum salaries are RM1,100, their employer must deduct the contributions. Employers are still obliged to make contributions to the employees even though the working hours are short, ” he said.

If an actor was working on two projects for one production at a time, the production company was required to pay the contribution. “If the producer does not pay the contribution, his certificate of filming (SPP) will be withheld,” he said.

The EPF and Socso schemes were among 15 important objectives that Isaac set out when he was appointed as Finas chairman on April 8.

Isaac spoke about the scheme at a townhall meeting with the film industry, attended by more than 300 artistes.