Maszlee turns to toys as a teaching tool

Maszlee Malik, MP for Simpang Renggam and education minister.

KLUANG: The Ministry of Education will study the use of toys that can sharpen the minds of children in the early stages of education to produce a creative and innovative generation.

Education minister Maszlee Malik said the idea came from Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed who said children as young as five should be exposed to skills, innovation and creativity.

He said, however, his ministry was still formulating policies related to pre-school education, and if the idea was appropriate, it would be implemented.

“At present, I do not wish to comment further on its implementation at the Federal Government level as it is still under study. However at the Simpang Renggam (parliamentary constituency) level I will implement it in the near future, with the cooperation of some private parties and we will see its effectiveness here (Simpang Renggam),” he said.

Maszlee, who is MP for Simpang Renggam, said he had seen the use of such toys to be effective in China.